Things That Make You Go “EWW!”

Today, we’ll tackle something nobody really likes to think about… the germiest spots throughout your home. You know what I’m talking about—those surfaces and things you touch about a million times a day. And you just know they’re collecting hordes of bacteria. Yuck!

But while germs are inevitable, I want to focus on fighting back. That’s why today’s post highlights the best ways to clean, disinfect and sanitize those germy zones throughout your home. If you’ve been using our One Happy Home checklist, consider these ideas a great addition to your “Weekly” or “Monthly” projects. Let’s get started!

The Obvious Offenders

  • CircleImages_Remote_germsToilet Handles, Door Knobs, Light Switches: Get a grip on fighting germs! To clean these frequently reached-for areas, wipe them (often!) with disinfecting wipes.
  • Telephones and Remote Controls: To take control of cleaning your household electronics, try wiping them with a cotton ball dabbed in a little rubbing alcohol.
  • Kitchen Counters and Cutting Boards: After a busy night in the kitchen, sanitize your counters, cutting boards and cooking accessories with hot water and soap.
  • CircleImages_Plunger_germsToilet Brush and Plunger: These guys obviously need to be disinfected well—and often. The best method I’ve found is to spray each one with my favorite disinfectant, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, I rinse each one in hot water and allow it to drip-dry.

The Easy-to-Forget Foes

  • Pet Toys and Food Bowls: Even four-legged friends need a little help fighting germs. To sanitize your pets’ toys, bowls and more, clean them with hot water and soap. It also helps to designate a special sponge for Fido’s things—and keep it separate from your other sponges!
  • CircleImages_Sponge_germsSponges, Rags and Loofahs: You use them to keep clean… but how often do you think about cleaning them? To sanitize your sponges, rags, loofahs and more, soak each one in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and hot water for about an hour—then hang it up to drip-dry.
  • Toothbrush and Toothbrush Holder: I read once that your toothbrush is the germiest thing in your entire home—EWW! I’ve tried soaking ours in vinegar to disinfect them, but I think one of the most important things to remember is that toothbrushes aren’t expensive at all. Replacing yours every three months or so is probably your best bet. And, to clean your toothbrush holder, use hot water and soap or just put it in your dishwasher every couple of weeks.

Now that you’ve read some of my tips and tricks for tackling germs, I’d love to hear some of yours! Tell me in the comments below and, as always, keep it clean!