We’re proud to call ourselves Kleen Freak®. Our products are made for people like you — the awesome, dedicated mess preventers who know there’s no such thing as “too clean.”

Kleen Freak® caters to the compulsively clean and obsessively organized by helping you:

  • Prevent everyday problems from scuffs to spills
  • Activate your anti-gunk powers
  • Kick out the clutter and put everything in its place
  • Spend less time tackling pet messes and more time playing fetch
  • Keep kitchen cleanups to a minimum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clean freak?

A clean freak is someone who is dedicated to keeping life clean, organized and simplified. And clean freaks are proud to be just that! They want the world to know they are the masters of mess prevention — and they need innovative, stylish products to make life easier.

Why the name Kleen Freak®?

Kleen Freak® embodies the spirit and personality of clean freaks all over the world. We’re proud to provide the best solutions for those who take pride in keeping their lives seriously clean and organized.

What kinds of products does Kleen Freak® offer?

We provide innovative, simple, stylish solutions to help you win the everyday fight against the sloppy, slippery and stinky. We cover everything from closets, laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens to pet products and general surface protection — because we know every last detail matters. You never know what Kleen Freak will offer next!