Claire Porter About Claire Porter

Welcome to CleanGeek, a blog for those of us who are commonly referred to as clean freaks. You know the type — the commanders of clean, masters of mess-prevention and sticklers for spotlessness. Yep, that’s me.

Did I mention I’m also a full-time real estate agent, wife and mother of three? My husband, Steve, is a mechanic and small-business owner. Together, we own what you’d call a typical suburban home, where we’re raising our twin daughters Natalie and Olivia, and our son, Garrett. We also have a family fur baby named Molly, who we rescued from a local shelter a few years after Garrett was born.

I know what you’re thinking: my cleaning and organization skills sound more like a necessity than a preference. And yes, maintaining a balance between home and family — while keeping everything and everyone on schedule — can be difficult, but I’m always up for a challenge. I guess I like to think of my obsessive tidiness and need for clean as my small contribution to making the world around me a better place. It’s how I show people just how important they are to me. My obsession with tidiness doesn’t hurt my real estate career, either. It helps me stage homes — turning tiny kitchens into cozy gathering places and messy garages into organized workshops.

Each and every challenge I face is different, but I’m always happy to offer my help — and to share some advice with all of the other clean freaks who possess my passion for mess-prevention. I hope you enjoy the tips. Clean on, CleanGeeks!