4 Simple Steps for Cleaner Baseboards

You probably don’t think about your baseboards all that often. They’re the kind of thing you barely notice — that is, until they’re dirty.

Dust and pet hair can pile up, scuffs happen, and in the kitchen, baseboards are bound to catch some spills. Over time, baseboards get gross! But when they’re clean, they can be a perfect finishing touch for a super-clean room.

Baseboard cleaning certainly isn’t the kind of thing that needs to happen daily, or even weekly. Unless you’ve got a lot of gunk and grime going on, you might be satisfied with just using a vacuum attachment to get rid of the dust, or wiping up with a cleaning solution now and again.

But when you need a deep clean — like when you’re trying to sell your home, or when you’re moving into a new place, or when you realize your baseboards have just been overlooked for too long — that’s when this process can really help you make your baseboards beautiful.

  1. Brush off the dust.
    Grab a broom or use a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the loose dust and dirt from your baseboards. In between your “deep clean” sessions, this may be the only step you really need for upkeep.
  2. Get rid of the grime.
    Dip a cloth or sponge into a cleaning solution and thoroughly wipe your baseboards to remove dirt and grime that have built up since your last serious cleaning. If you’re working with painted baseboards, you can use a mixture of warm water and either white vinegar or dishwashing liquid. However, if your baseboards are stained wood, it’s best to use a wood cleaner. As you’re working, be sure not to leave too much moisture behind.
  3. Conquer the corners.
    I know this step won’t appeal to everyone, but I find it really satisfying to dip a cotton swab into my cleaning solution and get the grime out of every corner and across every edge. If you’re like me, then go for it! You can also clean around your outlets and registers while you’re at it.
  4. Add some anti-static power.
    This is my favorite step, and I’m willing to bet it will be yours, too. Once your baseboards are clean and dry, give them a final pass with a dryer sheet. When you wipe surfaces with a dryer sheet, not only will you make the room smell fresh and clean, but this will actually help to repel dust, so you’ll keep your baseboards looking beautiful even longer. Awesome, right?

Remember — there’s no need to follow all four of these steps very often. While you might see a need to clean baseboards more frequently in the kitchen due to the inevitable spills and heavy traffic, I tend to give my baseboards this kind of attention just a handful of times each year. And when you concentrate on just one room at a time, it’s not too tough to tackle.

Do you have any other methods for better baseboard cleaning? I’d love to hear them!