Clean Geek Challenge: Gift Wrap Organization

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and with all the gift wrapping I’m about to take on, I’ve realized this might be a good time to bring on a fun challenge: a Gift Wrap Organization Challenge!

If you love wrapping as much as I do, then you just might find yourself drowning in paper, ribbons, bows, bags and labels. Who can resist all the pretty options out there? I know I can’t. But the bigger my gift wrap reserves get, the more difficult it becomes to store it all, and to make sure everything is accessible when I need to work my wrapping magic.

So, I’m challenging myself to step up my gift wrap organization game — and I’m challenging you to do the same!

First, I’ll share a few ideas to get us started. Then I’ll ask each of you, my awesome CleanGeek readers, to comment and show me how you tackle gift wrap organization.

Storage Ideas

  • Use a cupboard or closet.
    If you have some space to spare in a laundry room cupboard or a bedroom or linen closet, you can easily create a gift wrap storage area. Plastic shoebox-sized containers can hold bows, ribbons and labels, and with a few letter sorting trays, you’ll have a perfect spot for folded sheets of wrapping paper, tissue paper, small gift bags and greeting cards.
  • Take advantage of under-the-bed space.
    There are lots of creative ways to make the most of the space under your bed, and this just might be the right one for you. Choose a large under-bed storage container (or multiple containers) and have fun organizing all of your supplies. By separating your supplies by category and arranging each category to best fit your containers, you can set yourself up for quick and easy wrapping sessions.
  • Recycle an old dresser or changing table.
    This may be my favorite gift wrap storage idea — and the one I think I’d like to try. In fact, Garrett’s old changing table has been hanging out in the attic for quite a while now, and this may be the perfect way to make use of this piece of furniture. It’s got a few drawers and a small cupboard, and the changing area would be the perfect work surface for gift wrapping. How you choose to organize your drawers will depend on their size and number, but you might choose to dedicate one drawer to rolls and sheets of paper, one to tissue paper and gift bags, one to ribbon, bows, labels and tags, and so on.

Organization Tips
No matter where you decide to create your gift wrap organization station, you’ll want to follow these tips to keep your supplies neat and tidy.

  • Keep wrapping paper rolls neat by securing them with rubber bands at both the top and bottom. Or, try cutting an empty roll lengthwise and wrapping it around a new roll.
  • If you don’t already keep some tape and scissors specifically for gift wrapping, it’s a good idea! This way, you’re never searching for these essentials when you need them.
  • Try arranging your supplies by occasion. Not only does this make sense from an organization perspective, but it also makes your storage area look especially pretty.
  • If you’ll be wrapping in a different spot, away from your storage area, consider keeping a gift bag you can use to carry the supplies you’ll be using. This will make it easy to keep what you need within reach, and to return it when you’re done.

Now, here comes the challenge. I’m challenging you to show me your skills by commenting with your approach to gift wrap organization. All ideas — and photos — are welcome. Let’s have some fun!