Fast and Furry-ous Laundry Tips

(Or, how to get pet hair out of your laundry)

My neighbors, the Thompsons, have three huge dogs, nine cats and a horse. Jennifer’s husband says “the horse is just another big dog” – and he might be right. Needless to say, removing pet hair from their clothes is a major laundry time issue.

Yet, when I see Jennifer, her clothes always seem to be free of pet hair. This intrigued the CleanGeek in me, so I went next door to ask the expert.

The key was her laundry routine and a multi-purpose miracle liquid that has a million and one uses.

She starts by tumble drying her laundry with no heat for about 10 minutes. This loosens and removes quite a bit of the hair and catches it in the lint trap. Remember to empty the trap.

Then, shake each piece of clothing before washing. This helps remove any additional hair.

Next, don’t overload the machine. The clothes need room to move freely in the machine so hair can loosen and go down the drain.

Now comes Jennifer’s secret ingredient – ½ cup of white distilled vinegar that she adds to the rinse cycle. Yes, CleanGeeks in the know always keep this super cleaning item nearby. Somehow the vinegar relaxes the clothing fibers and helps release pet hair. She also uses a liquid fabric softener, because this also helps reduce static cling.

Once the wash is done, the clothes are given another good shaking. Then it’s right to the dryer. Jennifer uses a dryer sheet because it coats the fibers and reduces static and hair cling. Be sure to empty the trap again.

Like most pet owners, she also keeps a small arsenal of lint rollers, special brushes and even packing or duct tape to remove pet hair.

Finally, she highly recommends that you keep your pets out of your closets and drawers.

So, CleanGeeks, what other tips do you have to share? We’d love to hear
them … especially my friend Jennifer.