I Can See Clearly Now: Simple Tips for Washing Those Windows

After months and months of doing our best to hide from the snow, sleet and cold, spring is finally creeping in. The sunshine. The warmer temperatures. The blooming flowers… I can’t wait for all of the wonderful sights that arrive with the change of seasons.

But before they get here, I want to make sure that we can actually see all of those wonderful things. That’s right… today, I’m turning my focus to washing our windows! (Nick is undoubtedly rolling his eyes at my enthusiasm, but hey… who doesn’t love washing their windows? Not this Kleen Freak!)

As you spring-clean around your home, I recommend setting aside a few hours on a Saturday to tackle those windows and really make them shine. To get you started, here are a few of our favorite tips!

CircleImages_cleaningsolutionDon’t use paper. Or towels.
For the most streak-free shine, try using a squeegee to wash your windows. In my experience, towels of any kind just tend to move the dirt around from one section of the window to another. A squeegee, however, helps to wipe the dirt away altogether. Look for a larger squeegee to take on your picture windows and a smaller one for multi-pane windows.

Choose an optimal hour.
Don’t plan on washing your windows during the warmest or brightest hours of the day because direct sunlight can cause premature drying, which leads to streaks and smudges. Instead, try washing your windows in the morning or in the early evening when the sun’s not at its brightest.

Don’t make more work.
It sounds silly, but this tip can make a huge difference. Make sure you’re working with a cleaning solution that’s made specifically for cleaning windows—and one that’s streak-free. And believe me… I once learned this lesson the hard way! That was definitely a freak-out moment.

CircleImages_squeegeestickBe safe… use a squeegee stick!
To be honest, I hate ladders. They just make me nervous! And it’s not that I don’t trust my husband to climb one, but… ladders make me nervous. I’ll leave it at that. Anyway, to (safely) reach the highest windows on our home, Nick attaches a squeegee to a long pole. It’s a bit of a “MacGyver” type of solution, but it works for us! You can also check your local hardware store for products designed to clean those hard-to-reach windows, too.

Divide and conquer.
Nick and I love to divide up chores as much as we can, and the same goes for cleaning our windows. Usually, Nick tackles the outside of our windows, while I focus on cleaning them from the inside. In just a few short hours, they look as good as new! And our family can enjoy the sights and sounds of spring.

Some chores are more fun than others. How do you motivate the whole family to help out when it comes to washing windows? I’m not above bribing the kids with ice cream!