Keeping glass shower doors sparkling

There are three ways to keep your shower doors clean.

  1. Never use the shower. While that’s not very practical, especially for us – a family of four with two full baths – it is 100% effective.
  2. You could replace the glass with a shower curtain. However, that may not be your style.
  3. Or, read on, CleanGeek nation, for tips that will keep your glass shower doors sparkling.

One word pretty much sums up the best way to keep the glass clean: Squeegee. Right after you’re done showering, squeegee the glass. This is the number one way to fight soap scum and hard water that dries up and puts that ugly layer of haze on your glass.

But, squeegees have an archnemesis. Kids. If you know how to get kids to squeegee after a shower, please let me know. I’ve got Steve trained, but the kids are another story.

So unless you’re a meticulous squeegeer, here’s what has worked for me with a minimum of elbow grease. Sure, you can use chemical-based cleaners, but that’s not my style. I prefer an environmentally friendlier approach that’s just as effective as commercial cleansers.

Reach for the miracle cleaning product with a million and one uses – vinegar. Specifically, warm white vinegar. Pop it in the microwave to get it warm. Then, mix one cup of the vinegar with one cup of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. I used Dawn, but I’m assuming other brands would work just as well. I’ve also heard that you don’t have to warm the vinegar, but I figured that I should follow the recipe.

Just spray the mixture on the glass and scrub with a sponge. When I tried this, I didn’t have to scrub too hard to make the haze disappear. Finally, I rinsed the glass with clean water and then squeegeed.

A friend also suggested using a damp dryer sheet. Just use it to scrub down the shower door. She swears by it and I guess if you think about it, the stuff that softens fabrics will soften and lift soap scum off of the glass.

If you have any other thoughts on keeping glass shower doors clean, please share them. We’d love to hear what works best for you.