Storing Holiday Decorations

Putting away Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Sure, it’s no holiday party, but with simple planning and packing tricks your treasures will emerge in one piece and you’ll save yourself some extra work next year.

Now you can go to the store and purchase plastic storage bins (pick the clear ones), but you may have what you need right around your home to do the job.

  • Use cardboard liquor or wine boxes for storing ornaments or small decorations. You may get these at a store for free.
  • Egg cartons are ideal for tiny ornaments.
  • Use plastic drinking cups to store ornaments in bins or boxes. Use a sheet of cardboard in between each layer.
  • Wrap each ornament in tissue paper for an added layer of protection.
  • If you have wrapping paper that’s past its prime, shred it and use it to cushion ornaments
  • Label each box with key bullet points about its contents.
  • Put food-based ornaments in resealable sandwich bags and store in cookie tins.
  • Wrap lights around a coffee can. Cut a slit in the plastic lid and put one of the ends of the cord through it. Store the extra bulbs in the can. Or, wrap them around a piece of cardboard.
  • Store candles in a cool place. Wrap them in cellophane to prevent them from melting together or transferring color.
  • Unless they have true sentimental value, toss damaged or faded decorations.
  • Use zippered garment bags or dry cleaner plastic bags to store odd-shaped decorations. Do you really want to dust a pinecone wreath?
  • Cinch up your artificial tree with thrift store belts.

What are your holiday storage solutions? The CleanGeek nation would love to hear them.