April Showers: Tips for Cleaning Muddy Shoes

April showers bring May flowers, but also mud and muck! I don’t know about you, but it’s a chore to wipe off our dog’s paws after he comes in, and to monitor the pitter-patter of Jackson and Sophia’s little muddy feet. I’m so glad Nick’s a stay-at-home dad with the kids… he’s got the springtime grime under control while I’m at work. Plus, I’m constantly watching where I walk to avoid getting dirt on my post-winter splurge… new suede booties!

Of course, kids are kids! They don’t mind a mess—and they always seem to find one during this muddy time of year. Thank goodness we have ways to keep our favorite footwear safe, sound—and looking fabulous. Think of it as preventative care. The less mud and muck your shoes track in, th e less you have to vacuum and scrub your floors. Nick always says I’m good at thinking ahead. I say I just know how to work smart, not hard!

Regardless of a shoe’s material, wait until any mud or dirt dries before attempting to clean it. When it comes to delicate shoes, I’ve found some simple tips from Overstock.com, Complex and Wikihow.com that always do the trick. I don’t know about you, but stained satin and suede are straight-up scary! Check out the full articles for complete details, but here are some of my favorite tips:


  • Make sure to always let shoes air-dry naturally—no sunlight or heat from a fire required.
  • Use a suede-cleaning brush—expensive shoes deserve plenty of TLC!
  • As always, put a little insurance into your footwear investment with protective spray.



  • Blot the stain or dirt with a barely moistened rag and immediately dry.
  • Use gentle soap or cleaner if water alone doesn’t do the trick.
  • Towel off to dry.



  • Machine wash on cold with baking soda and kid-friendly detergent.
  • If covered in mud or fresh from the washer, place in the sun to air-dry.
  • Make sure the kids are wearing socks to prevent certain unpleasant odors. (Yuck!)


Good luck cleaning up after the rain, but remember—spring is in the air, and those May flowers will be here soon! Of course, then you might need to brush up on our tips to reduce home allergens.