Are you a clean freak?

There are literally hundreds of nooks and crannies around the house that drive a clean freak like me crazy, but there are 10 things that top any true clean freak’s worst offender list.

Can you claim the coveted clean freak title?
Take the quiz below to find out…

1.  You can’t walk past the kitchen counter without wiping it.
Even the tiniest crumb screams at you, and a few sticky fingerprints seem to shout your name every time you walk past your kitchen counter. It’s a battle that never, ever ends. Ever.

CircleImages_Sink_22. Your kitchen sink never sees a dirty dish.
Regardless of whether or not you have a dishwasher, your kitchen sink never sees a dirty dish. In fact, you might have even set a family rule: All of the dishes, pots and pans must be loaded in the dishwasher (or hand-washed) within an hour of the last bite of a meal. No excuses!

3. Your baseboards get at least a bath every other week.
Most people consider baseboard cleaning an annual activity as a part of their spring-cleaning regimen, but most people aren’t clean freaks. After all, baseboards don’t deserve to be covered in dirt and dust. Bi-weekly baseboard baths? Of course.

CircleImages_Toothbrush_44. You clean your toothbrush every week.
You use your toothbrush several times a day to clean your teeth, and you just can’t forget that they say the mouth is the most germ-filled part of the body. Then there are those unsightly drips of toothpaste around the brush base… YUCK! That’s why your electronic toothbrush stands get a full wipe-down every week, and the bristles take a bath in the dishwasher, too!


CircleImages_Microwave_55. Everyone’s microwave is full of splatter but yours.
Sure, there’s an occasional splatter from that dish that you (or likely… your husband) forgot to cover, but the inside of your microwave is probably wiped down just as frequently as the outside. In fact, you know all the tricks – just 30 seconds with a wet sponge, a quick wipe and a sanitized sponge, to boot!

6. Your trash cans smell nice.
Most people fight trash can odors by simply covering up the smells with air freshener, but your trash can actually smells good. And every week, when you take out the trash, you wipe the inside of the can down and say goodbye to any lingering odors!

7. Your electronic cords are impeccable.
Did you know that there are nearly 5,000 electronic cord organizers on the market? Of course you do, because you own almost all of them! From phone chargers to television cords, your cords follow straight lines and display beautiful 90-degree corners—and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. Every time you shower, you also clean… your shower.
There’s no such thing as soap scum in your shower, because there’s never a chance for scum to make itself at home. For you, showers take only 10 minutes: five minutes for your quick dip and five minutes for a good wipe-down of the tiles, grout and door!

9. Your junk mail barely makes it past the front door.
From catalogs to credit card offers, junk mail hits the recycling bin right away, and bills get filed into a wall organizer—to be paid as soon as possible, obviously.

CircleImages_Tupperware_1010. Your plastic containers always have a matching lid.
Unlike others’ mishmash of containers with missing lids that avalanche out of the cupboard every time it’s opened, your plastic containers are neatly organized with every matching lid and container in one place. What other way is there?!

So, how’d you do?
If at least six of these statements describe you and your house, congratulations! You’re a true clean freak.

Less than six match your world? It’s okay. There’s still hope!
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