Kleen Sweep: Gearing up for the holidays

Gearing Up for the Holidays: Meal Plan of Attack

You’ve Mastered the Big Meal… Now What?

You’d think that planning, prepping and preparing the feast would be the biggest part of your celebrations… but you’d be wrong. For me, you can’t forget about that post-dinner cleanup!

I’m already thinking of ways to save time (and spend more time with family!), and here are three things I’m planning on doing:

1. Set the Counter, Too

Sure, you’ll set the table. But think ahead to what happens when those tables are being cleared. Save time on the back end by designating a certain spot in the kitchen where you’ll want all of the dirty dishes taken.

For me, it’s to the immediate right of my sink. That way, I can dive right into dish duty, and everything will be right within reach.

2. Distract Your Guests

SKleen Sweep Gearing Up for the Holidaysometimes, having too many hands on deck is just as bad as having not enough! While your crew tackles cleanup, have something planned to keep the rest of your guests busy for a few minutes.

You can serve up some dessert and coffee, or even break out a board game or old photo album. And, by the way, your kitchen cleanup shouldn’t take too long, with a little help…

3. Divide & Conquer

Recruit your husband, kids (If they’re old enough! Mine certainly are not.) and a few guests to help you take on the post-dinner mess. If one helper scrapes plates, one can load the dishwasher… while someone else is drying the pots and pans as they get washed.

Assigning small, simple jobs like this will save time and plenty of effort—so you can get back to enjoying your gathering!

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to cleaning up after dinner. What else have you found that helps with a quick and easy kitchen cleanup? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

Enjoy your holidays and, as always, Keep it Kleen!