Kleen Sweep: Gearing up for the holidays Meal Plan of attack

Preparing for Out-of-Town Holiday Guests

Control the Chaos: Holiday Guests 

In addition to hosting a memorable holiday meal with minimal mess , this year, Nick and I are taking on something new: playing host to a few out-of-town family members.

Cue panic? Not quite.

We’re planning ahead, making a few lists and checking them twice, to make sure our guests have a great holiday with us!
Here’s our (work-in-progress) plan of attack:

1. Assign Special Spaces

post3-1Think beyond just pointing your visitors in the direction of the guest room. Can you designate a bathroom just for them?

I know space doesn’t always allow for that; and if yours doesn’t, think about other ways you can create guest-only spaces throughout your home. Can you clear a shelf in the bathroom for their toiletries? What about hooks on your coat rack? Or a basket on your kitchen counter?

Designating specific spaces—no matter how large or small—will help to keep clutter from accumulating around your home, while helping your guests to feel at ease!

2. Stock Up on Essentials

Your overnight guests will, of course, need things like fresh sheets and towels, but what about toiletries? If your family is anything like mine, someone’s bound to forget something, so why not plan ahead?

I love stockpiling sample sizes of my favorite products, and keeping them in my guest room and bathroom. Just grab a clear jar with a lid or a cute basket and load it up for a Pinterest-worthy way to welcome your guests. And when Uncle Sal inevitably forgets toothpaste, there’s some close at hand.

3. Plan Your Meals—and Your Days

post3-2I hope Nick’s ready for this one! About a week before your guests arrive, sit down with a calendar and really take a look at what you have going on during their stay.

Plan out each meal to a T: who’s cooking, what they’re cooking and when you’ll eat. That way, you can load up on the groceries you’ll need ahead of time—and save yourself (or your husband) a frantic last-minute trip to the store, especially if the weather is snowy. Don’t forget to plan a few special meals out, too! It’s the perfect opportunity to share your favorite hometown spots with your guests.

While you’re at it, make a calendar that outlines the activities and events each member of your family has during your guests’ stay. Post it somewhere prominent, like on your refrigerator, and they’ll always know what’s going on!

The most important tip when planning for holiday guests? Make sure they’re comfortable—and make sure everyone is having fun. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in the stress of the holidays… take the time to plan ahead, so you can truly enjoy every minute with the ones you love! Keep it Kleen!