How to Keep a Cleaner Bathroom, With Less Effort

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom and kitchen are probably the most important ones to keep clean, right? Of course, they’re also the most challenging. Even those of us who enjoy cleaning can grow very tired of keeping up with it all.

For me, keeping up with bathrooms is especially daunting. There are five people in my home, including three kids — that means our bathrooms can get messy in the blink of an eye. So, I’m always looking for ways to keep bathrooms cleaner, longer. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Slow the buildup of shower scum.
    Water repelling sprays aren’t just for your car. Try spraying your shower walls and doors, and when you see the water bead up, you’ll be relieved to know you’re keeping minerals and soap scum at bay. It can also be extremely helpful to keep a squeegee in the bathroom — use it after every shower and you’ll end up having to do big scrub-downs much less frequently.

  2. Be smart about drying.
    If you don’t have a bathroom exhaust fan, consider installing one. And if you do have a fan, make sure everyone’s actually using it. The more moisture you trap in the bathroom, the more frequently you’ll need to clean it. Keep this in mind as you dry off, too. Always close your shower curtain to let it dry out and make sure you have enough towel racks to allow space to spread out damp towels as well.

  3. Keep lint in check.

    Do you know how much lint your towels are bringing into your bathrooms? Way too much. Brand new cotton towels are particularly guilty of this, but even after countless washes, they’re still shedding. Upgrading your cotton towels can help because the more tightly woven ones shed less, but it’s an even better idea to switch to bamboo, linen or rayon to keep lint problems to a minimum.
  4. Drop the drips.
    Drop the drips.
    Swap bar soap for liquid.
    You will undoubtedly keep your sink cleaner longer when you choose liquid soap over the bar variety. Sure, soap dishes can keep bar soap gunk contained to a degree, but that’s still not as effective as replacing it with a pump. You can step your sink game up even more by catching potential liquid soap drips before they hit the counter.

  5. Keep quick cleanup tools on hand.
    It goes without saying that more frequent mini-cleanups mean less frequent full-scale cleaning, but you can make those quick cleanups even easier by keeping a supply of disinfecting wipes and dryer sheets under the sink. There’s a good chance many of you already have those wipes at the ready, and you know they’re going to save the day on a regular basis, but you may be wondering why I think dryer sheets are also bathroom must-haves. It’s simple — a quick sweep with a sheet can help you pick up hair and dust with zero effort.
  6. Clean freakness is mandatory sometimes.
    Clean freakness is mandatory sometimes.
    Never be careless with plungers.
    It’s not uncommon for some people to place a plunger that’s just been used and then simply rinsed in the toilet bowl right back on the floor next to the toilet. First of all, I wouldn’t recommend this for a number of reasons, but if this is how your plunger routine sometimes goes, you’re obviously going to want to mop your floor more often than you would otherwise, particularly around your toilet. To make things much easier and more sanitary, I recommend treating your bathroom to a better plunger option. I’m willing to bet that not many people would say they have a favorite plunger, but believe it or not, I have one! Check out the Universal Plunger & Tray Combo. Both pieces have Germ Guard, which is basically a non-stop bacteria killer. Perfect.
  7. Better than a zen garden.
    Better than a zen garden.
    Ban clutter on your counters.
    Like any clean freak, I want to eliminate clutter everywhere. But banning it from bathroom counters is an especially smart move. Obviously, the less stuff you have sitting around gathering dust (and towel lint!), the less often you’ll need to clean. Plus, when you reduce clutter, everything just looks cleaner, so you’re instantly ahead of the game.

I’d love to add more tips and tricks to this list. So tell me, how do you get more mileage out of your bathroom cleaning efforts?