Dinner Party Cleaning Tips

How do you beat the February blues? Throw a dinner party to lift everyone’s spirits. But with every great party come the four D’s every CleanGeek dreads – drips, drops, dings and real doozies of some stains.

Accidents happen. Coasters aren’t used. Wine spills on the carpet or it drips down the bottle staining your tablecloth. Somehow, furniture might get scratched.

Now, it’s not like Steve and I are throwing wild parties, but these are pretty common issues that we’ve all dealt with when entertaining. So, here are some of my favorite party cleanup tips.

  • Don’t whine over wine spills. We’ve all had to deal with red wine carpet stains. So here’s a quick solution. While the stain is still wet, pour some white wine over it to dilute the color. Water works, too. Then, blot the area with a dry sponge. Next, sprinkle with salt and let it sit. The salt will absorb the stain. Give it at least 10 minutes to work, then vacuum. Now I know you’re thinking, who pulls out a vacuum during a party? Well, I am Claire, and my friends have seen me do it before.
  • Functional AND stylish, like me.
    Kleen FreakTM Wine WrapsTM
    functional and stylish, like me.
    Stop the drops. After pouring a glass of wine, why does it always seem to drip down the bottle, staining tabletops or linens? Well, I picked up some Wine WrapsTM. They’re these strips that wrap around the neck of bottles and they work brilliantly. Steve gave me this sideways glance like I was out of my mind when I put them on the bottles, but he’s not the one who has to get stains out of linens.
  • A fine way to get stains out of fine china. Some parties call for the fine china. However, you may have to deal with coffee or tea stains on cups or saucers. Use baking soda. Dip a damp cloth in the baking soda and buff the stain away.
  • A chilling way to remove wax. Try this if wax ends up being stuck on your tables. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on the wax. Wait until the wax becomes brittle then peel it off with a credit card or spatula.
  • Zing those water rings. Toothpaste removes water rings. Just dampen a cloth, add some toothpaste and rub the unsightly mark.
  • Go nuts on scratches. Take the meat of a walnut or pecan and rub it over the scratch. Then with a little muscle, massage the oil into the scratch with your thumb.

So these are some of my favorite party cleanup tips. Now the Clean Geek nation would love to hear your tips.