Motivation Station: Create an Organized and Tidy Home Office

EntryImage_200x200_homeofficeI’m happy to say I’ve carved out a little space I call my home office (I’m in it right now). I love it, and I need it. It’s perfect for when I bring work home or if bad driving weather keeps me from making my normal commute. And it’s a good place to pay the bills (Nick tried to handle paying the bills one month. That’s an experiment we  won’t be repeating).

With two energetic kids, a dog and a husband who use the home office on occasion, it’s really easy for this space to become a dumping ground for little dolls and trucks, coffee mugs and squeaky canine toys.

For me, though, my workspace isn’t a productive one unless it’s clean and organized. Here are a few tips to get and                                                     keep your desk area (whether it’s home or away) in order.

MainImage1_200x200_homeoffice1.  Have a filing system: Keep notes and project reports organized in a well-labeled filing cabinet. Even a compact cabinet with two drawers is enough for lots of folders. Just put some hanging files in there and voila! –organization! Bonus tip: You can customize the cabinet to match your style (colors, magnets, artwork from the kids) and add a touch of flair to the space.


2.  Bust that dust: How does it collect so fast? Dust gets on the keyboard and electronics so much that it distracts a clean freak like me to no end. Make dusting the home office a part of your weekly cleaning chores. Think of                                                                   picking up some fuzz-free felt pads for under the chair too, so dust doesn’t collect underfoot.


MainImage2_200x200_homeoffice3.  Go cordless: Tangled cords = an unsightly mess. Upgrade your business equipment to go cordless. Full disclosure: This was Nick’s idea, right after he tripped over one.


4.  Label, label, label: I love my label maker so much I made a label for it. And I label everything. Labels on the drawers and small storage tubs on the shelf let me know what’s inside and let the world know that it’s mine.  (Did I mention I love labels?)


MainImage3_200x200_homeoffice5.  Create an inspiration board: Bring your Pinterest boards to life with office images you love, whether that idea is a pristine space or a creative filing system. Plus, add a picture of your office at its cleanest to remind you to keep it organized. Picture perfect!


Now, I’m off to update my weekly cleaning schedule. Let me know, what are your favorite office cleaning tips?