Show Your Home Some Love: Simple Spruce-Ups for Your Kitchen Pantry

MainThe pantry. The place where chaos meets disaster meets… “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?”

I’ll admit it: even a Kleen Freak like me occasionally loses control of my pantry. Stuff gets pushed to the back, crumbs get spilled, pilfered ketchup packets pile up… and before you know it, you’re finding boxes of pasta older than your firstborn (laugh all you want… it happened).

That’s why, in my experience, the best way to keep your pantry well-stocked and well-organized is to keep up the clean, as often as you can. The next time you have a few spare hours on a Saturday afternoon, follow these seven simple tips to keep your pantry fresh!


Clean and Disinfect: When was the last time you wiped down those pantry shelves? Before you start reorganizing, take everything out and wipe it all down with disinfecting wipes—from top to bottom!         



Organize: Your pantry is like your own mini grocery store. Organize it by category: boxed goods on one shelf, canned on another, snacks, spices, baking necessities and odds and ends each on their own shelves.                                 




Contain: Utilize baskets or containers to hold small items, like ketchup and sugar packets, to keep them from getting lost in the pantry.






Label and Consolidate: Things like baking supplies, pasta and cereal can be put into clear, air-sealed containers, clearly labeled and stacked to save space and confusion.



Zone: Dedicate a lower shelf for kid-friendly snacks so your little ones can easily grab their favorite juice boxes and crackers—and put them back when they’re done. (Wishful thinking, I know.)


Purge: Every three months. It’s easy to forget about those boxes in the back of the pantry. Throw away any food or spices that are expired. (Never again will ancient history be found in my pantry!)


 Don’t Forget: Ongoing maintenance is the key to keeping your pantry organized. After your weekly grocery trip, simply do a quick spruce-up as you put things away!


What are your tips for a spick-and-span pantry?