Ready, Set, Move!

I’m a clean freak, of course. And my, shall we say… obsessive nature tends to touch all aspects of my life when it comes to cleaning and organizing. (Not shocking, I’m sure!)

So, obviously, when Nick and I bought our home a few years ago, I took on the task of moving like any true clean freak would. I planned, I prepped and I kept things together. Sure, it got a little hairy at times. But what move doesn’t?

However, I did find that these tips and tricks worked for me. And since it’s summer, AKA “Unofficial Family Moving Season,” I thought it’d be the perfect time to share them with you!

  • Organize: Focus on packing seasonal items—and the things you just don’t use that much—first. Doing so will allow you to get started weeks ahead of time.
  • CircleImages_Moving_LabelLabel: Make sure every box is clearly labeled with the room it belongs in. As you unload boxes, take them directly to their labeled destination. No exceptions.
  • Purge: While you pack, get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Simple enough, right? Have a garage sale or donate items to a local charity.
  • CircleImages_Moving_RepurposeRepurpose: Pack smaller items inside things like bowls, baskets and suitcases to save space.
  • Stop Spills: Tape up anything that could leak, spill or cause a mess during the move, like toiletries and food.
  • CircleImages_Moving_ClearKeep it Clear: For packing some items, use clear plastic bins instead of boxes. They’re easy to see through and they won’t rip—and you can repurpose them to organize your new home.
  • Prioritize: Pack a box of necessities that you’ll need right away, and keep it in the back of your moving truck so it’s accessible.

Luckily, our family is staying put—for now—but I’ll keep these tips close at hand, just in case!

Tell me: What are some of the best moving tips you’ve found?