Mission Possible: Clean Freak & Car Guy

No shame in this one: I’m a car guy. I’m a car guy in ways that sometime defy common sense decision making – like spending all of my summer job earnings on a sports car in college. And I went to college in Minnesota, the state that gets more than just a few inches of snow every winter. And snow isn’t a sports car’s best friend. When we found out Tina was pregnant with Sophia, I grudgingly traded my shiny, red baby in for a four-door sedan. I may or may not have shed a tear during the trade-in. But I’m still a car guy, so the car (even without a V8) needs to be spotless.

That’s why today’s post is all about cleaning your car, inside and out. I know everyone has a few tools for fixing their car, but these are my “tools” for clean freaks to keep vehicles immaculate and clutter-free.

Say Sayonara to Stains and Streaks

  • CircleImg_StainsSpray glass cleaner on your windows, inside and out! Plus, it’s safe to use on other surfaces like the dashboard or steering wheel to catch dust and grime.
  • With two small children, stained seats are inevitable! Spot clean any stains with a small dot of laundry detergent mixed with water. Less is more at first, but if the stain doesn’t come out, you can add a bit more of the mixture.
  • Every clean freak has at least one: A toothbrush you most definitely don’t use for cleaning your teeth! If you need a little more power than a cloth can provide, use that brush for small stains.

Cast Crumbs Away

  • CircleImg_CrumbsWhen I’m on the road, I like to put my seat back – WAY back, but Tina prefers sitting close to the wheel. When we’re cleaning, we move the seats in both directions to clean out underneath. Fast food fries, popcorn kernels and mystery food crumbs take up residence under here.

Fix in Five Minutes

  • This one’s easy. Keep a bag or box on the floor of the back seat for easy disposal of items to throw away or recycle. You can sort them out when you’re home.
  • For a long time, I never opened my glove compartment. (Who reads the manual, anyway? Kidding.) When I finally looked inside, I was amazed – what a great spot for storage! I still listen to actual CDs, so the glove compartment is the perfect place to hide them away.
  • CircleImg_FixInFiveSometimes our car feels like a makeshift closet, so keeping the kids’ shoes, toys and my gym clothes (for those evenings I can sneak in a workout) in a tote bag makes for a clutter-free ride.

There you have it. No matter if you’re driving a minivan or a Maserati, these tips will help you keep your car as clean as it should be.