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Today, let’s talk closets. Why are they so easy to fill—but so hard to keep neat? In honor of the bright and shiny New Year, I pulled together some of my favorite tips and tricks for conquering closet clutter. Check them out below and, as always, Keep it Kleen!


KF_ClosetOrganization_R2 (2)

  1. Put a Ring on It

A shower curtain ring, that is.

Clip a few to a clothes hanger to hang everything from scarves and belts to neckties and tights—keeping your favorite accessories neat, organized and always in sight!


  1. Audit Your Closet

Be honest with yourself when it comes to what’s in your wardrobe.

If you haven’t worn something in a year (I’m looking at you, Halloween costume from 2011!), it needs to go… and it needs to go now. Collect all that clutter and donate those things to a local charity organization. Not only will you do a little good, you’ll be able to enjoy all that much-needed extra space!


  1. Hang Around

I HATE when certain tops and sweaters won’t stay put!

Here’s a hack that might just stick with you: Adding small beads of hot glue to your clothes hangers will help keep your tops on top—and off the floor.


  1. Untangle and Organize

Are your necklaces and bracelets always a tangled mess? Of course they are.

Try hanging them from hooks to save space and keep things straight. Stick or bolt hooks directly to your closet’s wall, or look for an over-the-door rack to utilize that unused space.


  1. File Those Flip-Flops

Nick always says I have more flip-flops than a politician (cue eye roll)… what a jokester he thinks he is.

A few vertical magazine files are the perfect solution for that messy mass of flip-flops that inevitably gathers on your closet floor.


  1. Stand Up Straight

I love a good boot (or two… or ten!), but they sure do take up a lot of space in my closet.

Cut swimming pool noodles down to size and place them inside your tall boots—keeping them standing up (dare I say… afloat?) and perfectly in line!