Defending Against Wintertime Grime

I love wintertime—the cozy sweaters, holiday parties, endless lattes and watching football on Sundays with Nick. But every year, I dread the snowy, sludgy, drudgy muck it brings into the house. Aside from placing plastic bags over my shoes, I’m doing all I can to defend against wintertime grime taking over my house.

If you live in a warmer climate that isn’t graced (or cursed, depending on your point of view!) with a beautiful blanket of snow every year, you’ve probably never felt the devastation of brushing your brand new purse across a salt-covered car. But you can still apply these tips to dealing with rain and mud year-round.

Here are six of my favorite tips and tricks to keep Kleen during the winter!

MainPageImage_200x200_wintergrime1. Create a sludge station at the door. A boot tray filled with rocks will help absorb the water from melted snow. Place a plastic sheet beneath the tray to protect against water stains on wooden floors.MainPageImage_200x200_wintergrime_3

2. Remove salt stains from clothing with a simple water/vinegar solution. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with about one quart of water. Dip a cloth in the mixture and scrub until clean.

EntryImage1_200x200_wintergrime3. Did you know that most car mats are machine washable? This was my big Winter Discovery of 2011. Tossing your car mats in the washer a few times throughout the season works wonders on improving your car’s cleanliness. Lay flat to dry; place a heavy book on top to keep it from curling up, if necessary.

4.  Bring a change of shoes with you. Keep a pair of outside boots that can be switched out and put into a bag when getting in the car.  This will help reduce the mess on your shoes and keep those mats nice and Kleen!MainPageImage_200x200_wintergrime_2

5.  Run a terrycloth-style mop over floors with warm water and vinegar regularly to remove salt crystals and residue

6.  If you have outdoor pets, keep a towel by the door to give them a quick wipe down before letting them loose in the house. We use baby wipes to clean our Labrador’s paws after he’s been out in the snow! (Although I can’t say it’s Pickle’s favorite part of the day.)


Do you have any go-to techniques for keeping Kleen in the winter? Share them in the comments!