Holiday Kleen-Up

NewYearDecorative tombstones and cobwebs took over my house for a brief month’s time this fall, only to be replaced in the blink of an eye by turkeys and cornucopia. Finally, the halls were decked and stockings were hung. And just as fast as they snuck up on all of us, the holidays were gone.

Although putting decorations away isn’t nearly as fun as hanging them up, it’s a good opportunity to organize, which I always love. Plus, organizing now is the easiest way to have a smooth decorating process the next holiday season, which will be here before you know it. Here are six of my favorite tips to help you make the most of your holiday Kleen-up!

 1.  Store your decorations in plastic bins. They’ll keep water and rodents out. There are even special circular bins made for wreaths to keep them intact until the next yer.Ornaments

 2.  Label the outside of your storage boxes. You’ll be so happy you did when it’s time to change out decorations and you don’t have to open every box to see what’s inside.

Lights 3.  Pack with care. Finally, a use for junk mail! I save junk mail and use the papers to wrap fragile ornaments and decorations.

 4.  Replace any burned out Christmas lights before you pack them away. Then, wrap them neatly around something to keep them from getting tangled. A large  spool is ideal or you  can even just wrap them around a piece of cardboard.

 5.  Assign tasks for kids. They love to get involved and contribute. Jackson knows his job is to take down the stockings and Sophia loves changing out the wreath with me every season.


 6.  Don’t pitch the holiday cards just yet. With such nice photo cards becoming the trend, it’s a shame to throw them away after the holidays. I can’t bear the thought of tossing my adorable nieces and nephews’ pictures in the trash, so I keep a photo envelope for cards and other family pictures. You can also snap a picture of the card on your phone and assign it as their contact photo.


What are your post-holiday organization tips? Share them in the comments!