Give Your Home a Kid-Proof Summertime Shine!

I’ll admit it. Nostalgia is my middle name. Whenever my favorite stores offer a sale on picture frames, I snatch up a few for the next round of Jackson’s and Sophia’s photos I’m bound to take. That’s why I love spending the summer with my two little peanuts – so many photo opportunities!

But when I think back to last summer, what I’m NOT nostalgic for are those sticky hands and dirty feet! …And soaked swimsuits and grass-stained laundry! …And mountainous piles of indoor and outdoor toys! Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and all of the summer fun we have, but I really don’t love the chaos that comes with it.

Here are a few ways to keep your house shiny, and your clean-freak-self a little more sane:

  • CircleImages_SetaSchedule_summerSet a Schedule:
    Just before the fireflies come out, ask the kids to bring in all their outdoor toys or to store them away in the garage.
  • De-Grime That Darn Garage:
    While we’re at it, if you have a garage, take the time every two weeks to sweep away any grass or dirt tracked in by the pitter-patter of little (and big) feet. Your entryway will thank you.
  • CircleImages_Crummy_summerNo Need to be Crummy:
    For messy meals, get the kids outdoors! Whether you have a spacious patio, a small balcony or a stoop, you can say, “Be gone!” to crumbs, and enjoy a nice family dinner outside.
  • CircleImages_DumpDirt_summerSoak Up the Sun:
    Don’t waste away sunny days indoors. Use thunderstorm days to your advantage: Time for a top-to-bottom cleaning! (Tip: Ask the kids to help in the morning, offering an afternoon of cartoons in reward.)
  • Don’t Dump Dirt:
    Muddy shoes from a day at the park should go no further than the doorway. Keep plastic bags nearby to toss clothes and footwear in. Transfer them to your laundry area, and you’ve avoided a major mess.
  • Time to Toss:
    Make spring‑cleaning a year-round event. When you’re cleaning the house to have guests over for a patio shindig, purge anything you haven’t used in a year.

Well, I’m off to put sunscreen on the kids, create a weekend chore list and read a little bit. What are your tips and tricks to spend more time outdoors relaxing instead of cleaning?

Until next time, keep it clean!